What Are The Usual Problems Of Pregnancy?

Pregnancy and physiological function and given to women. It is not a disease. But they function to receive severe burdens on members of the pregnant body, consultant obstetrics and gynecology, we will introduce these problems and how to avoid them.

Gestational diabetes: it may become pregnant in the second or third birth. Then noted doctor significant increase in the size of the fetus and asks you to analyze the sugar to find him had moved to the child, as a result of pregnancy at an early age, or because of repeated pregnancies with not leave periods enough between each pregnancy and II.

the spacing between each pregnancy and at least two years, with the importance of conducting tests before pregnancy, including the analysis of whole blood, the analysis of disease cats and measles virus cmv, because that makes them avoid recurrent miscarriage caused by the fact that blood type pregnant women is negative and did not take injected anti after an abortion first.

Dizziness and nausea: a things natural hormones associated with pregnancy, especially in the first three months. However, the increase vomiting for 7 or 8 times a day requires hospitalization. Prevention: stay in bed after waking up to a half hour and document your back on the pillow, with eating a piece of bread and a piece of dry cheese and drink a glass of water. This snack suck juices accumulated in the stomach throughout the day and prevent vomiting.

The resort here to premature birth to preserve the mother’s life. Prevention: constant follow-up with your doctor and refrain from taking any medications without being consulted, and measurement Permanent blood pressure to ensure his safety.
Frequent urination: with pregnancy bladder as a result of the pressure of the uterus, which grows in size.


Every aspect of athletes with injuries : Elbow

Every aspect of the series 2 athletes with injuries Welcome to write . We have already referred to the shoulder injury last spell . In this article, although not as frequently as the shoulder injury that is very stubborn and frustrating will examine other types of disability :

Elbow injuries often experienced as will the four headings .

lateral ( tennis elbow )
medial ( golfer’s elbow )

Now ‘s a long way to explain 🙂 Let’s start but at other types of disability ongoing ‘ll explain in my writings .

Lateral ( Tennis Elbow ) :
Tennis elbow tendons view

Tennis elbow tendons view

Tennis elbow protruding facing the outer side of the elbow is characterized by pain in the lateral is a problem. Move from the forearm and wrist tendons of the muscles adhering to the elbow injury that occurs in this special is not just for athletes . Intensive use of the hand in a multi-business group is also often emerges . Heavily used together with the forearm muscles of the muscle tendons of the muscles and / or inflammation and pain occurs in the tendon sheath .


Outside of the upper arm and the elbow. this type of pain that occurs on the bottom of the wrist is propagated towards
When lifting an object , grasping the arm pain when bending or something to be felt .
The lower part of the arm from the elbow forward well be difficulty in overtime .
With elbow pain sensation to touch the bottom edge .
Tension in the muscles of the forearm .
Unable to fully extend the arm open .
. of generally 6 to 12 weeks in duration The uncomfortable feeling that will last up to a year and 3 weeks .

How do I protected ?
Keep your muscles strong forearms . This will reduce the stress that occurs on your tendons .
After warming do not forget to stretch the forearm muscles
When working with your forearms , use the right technique .
Especially if you are playing tennis backhand found the right technique .
Training or post-study competitions stretching movements follow the forearm .
Any object grasping careful to look at your body, your palms .

Cold cure tennis elbow pain is felt to be the first responders to do .
Anti-inflammatory drugs ( aspirin , ibuprofen, naproxen and -based topical anti-)
Specifically for tennis elbow bands
Surgical treatment of stubborn injuries

medial ( golfer’s elbow ) :
Golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is similar to the medial ( golfer’s elbow ) elbow on the inside of the joints around the tendon injury and inflammation associated with. golf and baseball players encountered in the last golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow , similar to many parts of society from the many people faced is an inconvenience.

Elbow pain on the inside (usually during activity or after intensive use ) .
Pain increases during flexion of the wrist and often spread into the forearm .
Weakness in the muscles during flexion of the wrist
Wrist pain while resisting.

How do I protected ? and Treatment

The prevention and treatment of tennis elbow include the same title .

The normal elbow bursa

Normal elbow

Elbow to elbow bursa between moving normally smooth skin and bone tissue and hard bone layers of the skin with no apparent disconnection is a fluid-filled sac . Infection of the sac is called bursitis . bursitis ( elbow formed in the bursitis to cases of bursitis name is given ) , bladder swelling in the elbows and behind the soft , fluid-filled follow-up giving the audience the form görülür.baz capillaries of the bursa into the blood stream with red-purple color may occur. Bursitis usually blows reason , open fractures, ongoing pressure and metabolic diseases.

Swelling behind the elbow with pain and temperature
Stiffness of the elbow joint
In some cases, infection-related complaints

How do I protected ?
The duration of the activities that put pressure on your elbow , avoid upset
Be careful not to blow your elbow
Try to keep your metabolic diseases under control .

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Draining the liquid contents of inflamed bursa
Bandages and dressings
Finally stubborn bursa bursitis in patients surgically removed .

Yes friends, I have come to the end of writing . They will not be injured athletes to all my brothers I wish a long life sport

Discomfort for your eyes

MD. Kristina Ph.D., graduated from the Medical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno. In 2003, she joined the Pediatric Ophthalmology, University Hospital Brno, where she worked until July 2009. Since 2008 worked as a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, MU Brno and devoted herself to teaching medical students and students of optometry.

Specialize in the field of refractive surgery, strabismus, pediatric ophthalmology, and treatment of diseases of the anterior and posterior segment of the eye.

She is the first woman in the Czech Republic, which began to perform laser surgery Nitric using fetor second laser (August 2009). Together with the chief physician of Lucy are the first women in the Czech Republic, who performed the surgery refractive error by exclusively using felt second laser method Neo LASIK 3D (RELEX) in September 2010.
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“Although it does not appear to the eyes is dangerous not only direct sun, but often also a reflection of UV radiation, especially in the summer by water,” says Kristina physician Eye Clinic Neo Vise.

“Dangerous but are also lower doses of sunlight in the morning and the afternoon, when some people are put off sunglasses. Though I do not notice any discomfort, it can be harmful influence of UV radiation occur early after the occurrence of some diseases such as macular degeneration, cataracts, etc., “says the doctor.

Sun filter for your eyes

Conversely, dark glasses it may lack. Information on the level of protection and quality filter should be placed directly on the glasses, or the product label.

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“Sun filter category is marked with numbers from zero to four. Its value represents the transmittance of light and determines the conditions for which glasses are suitable. Generally, the higher the category filter, the lens is darker and less light to pass through. During the summer period is most frequently used category number three, “says.

Before buying sunglasses is important to realize that a person will use goggles for sports, driving a car or as a fashion accessory. Glasses should fit well enough to cover the eyes of all parties should be light, not push on the temples or behind the ears and eyelashes should not touch the glass.

“For daily wear tinted glass sufficient to brown or gray or green to. Sharper when the lights are suitable dark glass. Brightening yellow or orange shades are ideal for running, cycling or skiing. Get PDF Version http://health.producrate.com/grow-taller-4-idiots/

For drivers are optimal polarizing glass that absorbs glare from the wet road and oncoming cars, “the doctor recommends.

Beware of poor quality sunglasses

Beware of poor quality sunglasses. Damage eyesight more than any

In the summer, wear sunglasses to 97 percent of Czechs. Many, however, prefer price over quality and risking damage to your eyesight. Long-term exposure to direct sunlight can cause cataracts, in extreme cases, damage to the retina, but can also be the cause of skin cancer of the eyelids and conjunctiva.

Glasses prefer to buy in optics and not on the market (illustrative photo)
Solar radiation accelerates skin aging, which leads to the formation of wrinkles and can appear early pigmentation. As elsewhere on the skin can also occur eyelid tumors, for which the UV risk factor.

Each sunglasses sunshine weaken, but not all sunglasses protect the eyes enough. “Dark glasses without UV filters can be harmful to the eyes than no sunglasses’ Dark glasses because there are dilated pupils and the eyes so they are not protected by high-quality UV filter, penetrates more harmful rays that can lead to permanent eye damage,” Paul explained Head of Gemini Eye Clinic.
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Quality glasses may be dark
When choosing sunglasses is particularly important quality UV filter that is not related to the color of eyeglass lens. High UV filter can also have glasses with bright windows.