Rusty Moore Scam-Alginate mask at home for acne removal

Alginate mask at home – Recall that alginate buy a face mask can be a chemist or a specialty store professional cosmetics. Depending on the brand, the mask may be accompanied by an activator. But you can get water.Each package comes with powder mask measuring utensils and a spatula for applying. It is very convenient.

A very important point – finished mask turns into a “rubber” in seven minutes, so you need to cook it quickly, as applied. This requires a degree of fitness, so for the first procedures to attach worth assistant.
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Application Procedure alginate mask
•    Clear Skin in a familiar way, and then use the scrub. This will open the pores and all use the following steps – skyrocket.

•    Apply to the skin cream or serum that is necessary for a particular purpose. For example, to remove the post-acne spots need to apply absorbable cream or cream detoxifying or bleaching.

•    Once soaked in cream, gel-like mass inflict on the skin with a spatula. Need to apply from chin – his forehead on the massage lines. Mask layer – generous, slightly.

•    Once the mask covered the face, try to apply it to the eyes and lips. Of course, this step is better to implement together with the assistant. Before applying the mask, eyebrow worth grease greasy cream.
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