Linda Allen-Women’s Weightlifting

With the increasing propaganda targeted at women to reduce their weight by using weight lifting. It is time to rid yourself of anxiety, you will not become pregnant, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you you’ll get the body taut, and the appearance of a strong, then there are benefits to weight lifting will not do any problems just being with the magazine diet. ‘s no wonder women feel fear and anxiety with all the myths and illusions misconceptions concerning training in weight lifting.
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You do not need to genes that are ideal for building muscles tight, and you do not need to steroids and drugs that contribute to the large muscles like Schwarzenegger, and Van Dam.

Says weightlifting Coach Mark Stent, founder that women are genetically designers to become, or receive muscles like men, they possess a different level of estrogen, compared with the male testosterone.

According to research, a woman has about two-thirds of the power of man, when it comes to building muscle, different genotype them tremendously. Because of the higher levels of testosterone, men are able to build bigger muscles and stronger than women.

On average, women then about ten testosterone compared with men, but it’s still not enough to build muscle. So, even if lifted Ms. twice as bump up the man, it is not likely to be muscles like him, unless dealt steroids.

Says Hilton Breen, a personal trainer, “When you surf magazines bodybuilding, and coincides with a picture of a lady have big muscles, you should be aware that this lady deals with nutritious meals and training system is different from the normal lady.

“It is commonly believed that obese women that lifting weights will cause doubled in size. Muscle does not build itself on the fat, but instead it replaces fat Bechtel muscle. It takes the same fat five times the size of the muscle, so you can simply replace the fat mass of muscle mass, and will not only lose fat, but also looseness and freshness of the skin as well.

Chubby weight does not require any energy to keep it, it just sits there and makes you look flabby. While weight lifting increases the proportion of your body to use energy, and force the fat stock to stop the power cells, which is used by your body to build muscle.


The Size And Shape Of A Woman’s Body Is Terrible!

Number of daily exercise

1 – For beginners 15 times the right of 0.15 times the left of the

2 – For female applicants in Exercise 30, the right of the 0.30 left of the

3 – To trainees strongly 45 Right .45 left and of course, exercise daily and should not be interrupted It must be at once consecutive (I mean womanly half of the morning and the other half the evening) does not fit that does not give the desired result. ,

shape, size and appearance of the rear needs to be a period of one month to three months to reach the effect is excellent.

Simple exercise in order to Posterior tight and detailed can work Exercise this and Ante Ali office and Ante also on the computer and Ante at home and Ante you move into your room nationalist era breech the arrest,

muscles and take a deep breath and then relax them and exit exhale showing carbon dioxide from 20 to 30 times per day, so as to get on the back of attractive.

The decree, change the case from tocan at first feel some sense of pain in the muscles of the buttocks, thigh and abdominal muscles but soon disappear with continued and pains go away and everything is normal.

Important note There are other ways simple and do not harm can consider taking with this these exercises you eat potatoes and eating banana juice and also sit a lot with eating eat salads green often with adding coriander for at least a month with the addition of spices and herbs to food to give it flavor goodies aperitifs also and also salad,

hummus tahini and also next to do regularly drink anise and sweeten with honey for a period of 40 days at least and if the accent you will be asked to the work of the racetrack, honey and sugar + water should roasting racetrack before adding it to eliminate the smell of your body ….!!!

Each organ has its own emotion – Kidneys are the center of our body

If you notice that there tanušan voice, the doctor was clear that the patient lung power at a low level. His red eyes indicate a fire in the liver and the yellow in the face of a lack of blood and spleen energy.

If a woman cannot get pregnant, it is estimate the energy of the left and right kidney.
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According to medicine, the root cause of illness, and emotions, and each organ has its own emotion. For lung cancer is associated sadness, anger liver, kidney fear, concern for the stomach. Each organ has its own flavor. Lung love spicy and pungent, sour liver, spleen, sweet, salty and kidneys

Authorities believe the Chinese doctors have their energy direction. energy is called chi and depends on the blood, and doctors of Chinese medicine say that the blood of the mother energy, and energy boss levels.

Unprotected eyes can cause inflammation

It is important to let through low beams not only from the front, but from the side. When you choose a glasses especially with regard to quality and eye protection, select specialty stores. It is there to take the glasses made of quality materials, both in lenses and frames also. If you are buying cheaper glasses, should be at the stands, take heed to deform the image.About Women’s Health Www.Health.Producrate.Com

First Aid
Too sunshine unprotected eyes can cause inflammation of the conjunctiva or cornea. Symptoms are known – Hypersensitivity eyes, burning, tearing and redness. As a first aid serves artificial tears eye. You can buy without a prescription from pharmacies, these include Opine, Visuals, Refresh or ARUFIL.

People with sensitive eyes may not do well staying in air-conditioned areas. “If someone in air-conditioned areas long worked and, in addition to looking at the computer monitor is suitable artificial tears drip precaution,” advises James
While watching the monitor is reducing the frequency of blinking eyes and even more “In such cases, the drip i need every hour,” said the doctor.
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What year putting on glasses?
And what a year we have glasses hide his eyes? Most of course are those that resemble retro “Ray-Ban”. Mistake do not do it with the colors of the rainbow, with animal patterns remains a classic black and white.