Amanda Leto-One organ donor helps to six people

One organ donor helps to six people

With a new heart can live up to 40 years. Donor and prolongs the life of those whom vital organs are failing. Thanks to one man may live better or even necessary to survive another six. Organ donation is governed by strict rules, which guarantee that no one will be part of the body taken against his will.
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Transplanted organs may help some severely ill patients at once

1st How can I express agreement?
Unlike many other states in the Czech Republic, the principle of the so-called presumed consent. This means that each of us is in the case of the death of a potential organ donor, if in the course of life has declared that it wants to be.

In some countries (such as Germany, Denmark and the UK) is the opposite system, when one must actively agree with transplantation. Such countries may have problems with the lack of organs.

The European Union has in recent years sought to unify legislation and many countries are planning to move to such a system, which is with us.

In the United States transplantation governed by each state individually.