Some Pregnancy Problems And Their Solutions

The problems of pregnancy

1 – dizziness morning, 80% of women are nausea during pregnancy In weeks 12 first 0 of pregnancy increase the level of estrogen that causes nausea and the high level of the hormone activated Who helps to keep the development of the fetus, while the growth of the placenta.

To ease the situation there Ginger example, eating biscuits with ginger with syrup before getting out of bed is useful and pastries are also useful and should avoid foods with spices.

2 – constipation suffer most women from constipation, try eating fruit and vegetables and drink water lemon slices every morning helps a lot and fiber-rich foods and grains such as bread Wheat bran and lots and lots of water.

3 – burning a result of the lack of digestion and common in the last months of pregnancy are advised to eat snacks where not filled stomach and sit in an upright position during and after eating and avoid tight clothing is best to avoid coffee, tea, and replaced him with ginger and chamomile

4 – General Tips
– Authority posture and straight through walking

– sit steadily and straighter at the back of the chair with a lumbar pillow for support

– do not bend your back when you pick up something from the ground, but bowed knees

– Do not wear high heel but never wore a shoe comfortable and a thousand safety Moved interest.


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