Changes in your height

Changes in your height – It is important that changes are not adversely affected by this problem. The quality of your treatment is paramount. To ensure quality, it is important that we know what effects changes have on your treatment. In doing so, we need your help:
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fill each quarter in the questionnaire on this website!
Inform your doctor! Use one of the medicines listed in this website, if you are going to use this medicine? Please subscribe with your attending physician. Your doctor can then about the changes, inform the current situation.
In addition it is very important that your doctor in the hospital knows about your drug use.

Please contact your doctor at each change. Medicines are delivered by different pharmacies in the future and these bodies have so no sight on all medications you are taking.

Your doctor is the one who should have the full list of your medication. For this is he does depend on your information.If you have any questions or having problems – An overview of these websites can be found here at
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Effects of growth hormone deficiency – The most striking is that your child has a slow growth rate and thus grows more slowly than other children. Your child is less than their peers, and there can be physical and emotional problems of encounter. The skeletal maturation proceeds also slowed.


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