The safest methods of acne preventions

One of the safest methods of acne preventions are described as follows:

•    Washing the face decoction of herbs – These should include herbs chamomile and calendula. They disinfect the skin and calming effect on inflamed areas.

•    Facials – A good option is a mask of honey with added aloe juice. Honey dries the skin and is considered a treasure-trove of vitamins and minerals. Her scarlet tones and has a “pull” effect.
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By means of healing should include antiseptic preparations, some of which are antibiotics. They have a devastating effect on pathogens, but also capable of destroying favorable microflora. Quite often, treatment for acne becomes hormonal drugs. And it does not mean that such drugs are only hormonal contraceptives.

In any case the choice of method of treatment depends on the nature of their origin. A wrong method can lead to the aggravation of the situation. Therefore, when choosing its desired consultation with a specialist, in particular dermatologist.

This is true even in cases where the treatment will take place yourself using folk remedies.

If you do decide to use these or other means without consulting a specialist, it should be remembered that the deterioration or pimples do not disappear, consult doctor – is inevitable.See my Profile

Why formed pimples on the face, back, shoulders, temples, cheekbones, reasons and grounds: digest problem.


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