Season Inside American Football and Diet

Hi friends, one day in my previous article I told you about American football in the off-season diet . Today I will talk about the difference in the high season of the diet .

Click to access the off-season diet .
Unlike diet season outside high season

Intensive training program to keep up with more carbohydrates
The injury occurred more frequently against sulfate, protein and vitamins
Experienced more fluid and electrolyte losses of water to support
Lighter and stronger body

is required. In a previous article we have created and will add interest to your diet plan with foods high season we will create a diet program .
Season inside and out What we add to our diet will:
Off-Season Season Learning

Breakfast :

+150 G to 50 g of muesli are adding more . Muesli 200g
+1 I add eggs (-1 yellow ) . 6 eggs (1 yellow)
3 slices of bread not ever completely.
If there is no one scale protein powder +2 +2 eggs or 1 cup egg protein powder
Night after breakfast we take a multi- vitamin to have transferred

What did we achieve?

Increase the amount of muesli and bread because we have reduced the need more energy during the day anymore.
Our energy needs has also increased in line with our protein needs have increased the number of eggs to meet it .
We meet our vitamin and mineral needs .


+50 Grams was added to chicken 200g chicken salad fixed amount
We’ve added another 1.5 +0.5 units boiled potatoes boiled or baked potatoes
-1 Fruits do not have any fruit .

What did we achieve?

To increase the amount of protein have increased the weight of chicken .
Remove the potatoes to fruit , adding that we have to guarantee our energy supply .
To change the balance of power in the day of our fruit took off.


-100 Grams of chicken fish or chicken, fish or red meat red meat 200g
Skim fat-free vegetable dishes vegetable dishes or steamed vegetables or boiled vegetables
1 light yogurt we have ever
1 bowl of rice porridge

What did we achieve?

2 Reduce the amount of meat snacks have to transfer to .
Life changing our source we have not forgotten .
Light yogurt , we reduced the amount of calories we take subtracting .

+ Snack 2 ( new meals )

200 grams of chicken
0.5 boiled potatoes
1 cup unsweetened green tea

What did we achieve?

Taking additional protein for muscle growth, the amount of protein that we have received our needs .
have received for our pre-workout carbohydrates .
Unsweetened green tea have antioxidant and fat burning benefit from the impact .

After training and Dinner:

1 piece of fruit ( forbidden sugar cubes ) 1 piece of fruit
200 grams of chicken meat 200 g of fish or chicken
Baked potato Baked potato or rice porridge or rice porridge
1 cup light corn flakes and milk do not have any corn flakes and milk
1 mineral water

What we won

Banning sugar cubes will enter our bodies and our energy will corrugate moved away from sugar .
We meet our needs with meat protein .
Baked potato or rice porridge without carbohydrate will remain open until the morning we nourish our bodies .
Cornflakes and milk due to caloric load was removed.
Adding mineral water minerals we lose we’re done.

Before sleep

If there is no one scale protein powder 3 egg whites 1 cup egg white protein powder if there is no 3
Chondroitin sulfate

What did we achieve?

Protein supplements to nourish our body until the morning of the last named.
Our joint sulfate have received the support needed to .

So what do I do before the game ?
Now let us explain:

Continue straight to your normal diet .
Matches will lose excess water and more water than normal for days ( 4-6 cups ) .
If you feel yourself powerless until game time (3 hours prior to starting ) 15 g of dark chocolate every hour to consume.
Before the match I never drink coffee . This lets you lose more water . Sports drinks can drink during the day there is no limit in the match .
Noon nap will make will strengthen you ( as long as it does not disrupt your diet ) .

Advice / Warnings:

Weighed before and after the match after the match , you must meet your weight loss ( if you do not know how to do here ) .

This diet for a while you can get tiring . Because there is no simple sugars in the diet . Sugar used to but after a while your body will alarm you when buying your body more tired now and will have a stronger body . Remember, the most important factor here is patience .

Vegetables at dinner , you are free . As in the off-season diet restriction. (of course, one kilo of tomato and cucumber etc. .. unless you are eating large amounts )

This diet is designed for athletes between about 90-120 pounds . Other weight ratio in the range of weights portions athletes should increase or decrease .

If you continue for many years to leave you with a simple sugar can be somewhat difficult . One way of coping with this is chromium supplements . I will write an article for it at a later time .


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