Every aspect of athletes with injuries : Elbow

Every aspect of the series 2 athletes with injuries Welcome to write . We have already referred to the shoulder injury last spell . In this article, although not as frequently as the shoulder injury that is very stubborn and frustrating will examine other types of disability :

Elbow injuries often experienced as will the four headings .

lateral ( tennis elbow )
medial ( golfer’s elbow )

Now ‘s a long way to explain 🙂 Let’s start but at other types of disability ongoing ‘ll explain in my writings .

Lateral ( Tennis Elbow ) :
Tennis elbow tendons view

Tennis elbow tendons view

Tennis elbow protruding facing the outer side of the elbow is characterized by pain in the lateral is a problem. Move from the forearm and wrist tendons of the muscles adhering to the elbow injury that occurs in this special is not just for athletes . Intensive use of the hand in a multi-business group is also often emerges . Heavily used together with the forearm muscles of the muscle tendons of the muscles and / or inflammation and pain occurs in the tendon sheath .


Outside of the upper arm and the elbow. this type of pain that occurs on the bottom of the wrist is propagated towards
When lifting an object , grasping the arm pain when bending or something to be felt .
The lower part of the arm from the elbow forward well be difficulty in overtime .
With elbow pain sensation to touch the bottom edge .
Tension in the muscles of the forearm .
Unable to fully extend the arm open .
. of generally 6 to 12 weeks in duration The uncomfortable feeling that will last up to a year and 3 weeks .

How do I protected ?
Keep your muscles strong forearms . This will reduce the stress that occurs on your tendons .
After warming do not forget to stretch the forearm muscles
When working with your forearms , use the right technique .
Especially if you are playing tennis backhand found the right technique .
Training or post-study competitions stretching movements follow the forearm .
Any object grasping careful to look at your body, your palms .

Cold cure tennis elbow pain is felt to be the first responders to do .
Anti-inflammatory drugs ( aspirin , ibuprofen, naproxen and -based topical anti-)
Specifically for tennis elbow bands
Surgical treatment of stubborn injuries

medial ( golfer’s elbow ) :
Golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is similar to the medial ( golfer’s elbow ) elbow on the inside of the joints around the tendon injury and inflammation associated with. golf and baseball players encountered in the last golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow , similar to many parts of society from the many people faced is an inconvenience.

Elbow pain on the inside (usually during activity or after intensive use ) .
Pain increases during flexion of the wrist and often spread into the forearm .
Weakness in the muscles during flexion of the wrist
Wrist pain while resisting.

How do I protected ? and Treatment

The prevention and treatment of tennis elbow include the same title .

The normal elbow bursa

Normal elbow

Elbow to elbow bursa between moving normally smooth skin and bone tissue and hard bone layers of the skin with no apparent disconnection is a fluid-filled sac . Infection of the sac is called bursitis . bursitis ( elbow formed in the bursitis to cases of bursitis name is given ) , bladder swelling in the elbows and behind the soft , fluid-filled follow-up giving the audience the form görülür.baz capillaries of the bursa into the blood stream with red-purple color may occur. Bursitis usually blows reason , open fractures, ongoing pressure and metabolic diseases.

Swelling behind the elbow with pain and temperature
Stiffness of the elbow joint
In some cases, infection-related complaints

How do I protected ?
The duration of the activities that put pressure on your elbow , avoid upset
Be careful not to blow your elbow
Try to keep your metabolic diseases under control .

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Draining the liquid contents of inflamed bursa
Bandages and dressings
Finally stubborn bursa bursitis in patients surgically removed .

Yes friends, I have come to the end of writing . They will not be injured athletes to all my brothers I wish a long life sport


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