Because of what pimples occur

Because of what pimples occur? If you come face to face with such a widespread problem, it would be desirable, of course, inquire first, causing pimples and both of them, ill-fated, get rid of acne that formed the blue spots, the reasons may be different. Should undergo a thorough examination proper under the strict guidance of experts or by identifying certain symptoms, understand everything yourself.

But, of course, the first option is more sensible as you not only determine the causes of acne, but also minimize the process of treatment: doctor did not give bad advice and tells exactly what and how to treat it.

Acne: their causes, an overview – Factors which affect the appearance of your skin, causing pimples, can be reduced to such a minimum list of four main points:
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Overly strong and abundant generation of oil by the sebaceous glands,often the causes of acne on the face and body are all in it. Fat oxidation leads to the formation of unsightly blackheads, but by itself it contributes to pollution and clogging of pores, which is the “root of all evil.”

Follicular hyperkeratosis – This terrible “abstruse” name describes this process in the human body, in which the upper (the so-called – horny) layer of the epidermis increases. Skin cells together with excess sebum form plug-comedones; acne, and the causes of which are being investigated


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