Health and Fitness-Herbs for wounds bruises, cuts

Friend of skin

Hundred grams of fresh flowers washed allowed standing overnight. Then put them in a transparent glass bottle and pour the oil, preferably olive. Cover the bottle with gauze and secure with a rubber band.

Allow to stand for 40 days in the sun, periodically check that all the flowers are covered with oil, then drain well and flowers oil through cheesecloth, press the little flowers to let all the oil they have. , pour oil into a dark bottle and close. Keep the leaves in a dry place, not in the refrigerator. Hyperacid quality oil is dark red, almost purple color.

Burdock and yarrow for festering wounds
Take 10 grams of comminuted leaf thistle and pour half a liter of water. Allow the acid for five hours, then simmer to boil for 10 minutes. Court cover it, let the tea cool, then strain. This tea is washed festering wounds.

Fresh yarrow, wash in cold boiled and cooled water. It’s good to mash so obtained, squeezed juice rinse the wound several times a day. At the same time the wound can be snuggled and fresh plantain leaf.

If you bee stings, wasp or mosquito stabbed place cover with a cotton swab or cloth well moistened with fresh juice of plantain.
If you put a plantain leaf in shoes will cure blisters


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