Each organ has its own emotion – Kidneys are the center of our body

If you notice that there tanušan voice, the doctor was clear that the patient lung power at a low level. His red eyes indicate a fire in the liver and the yellow in the face of a lack of blood and spleen energy.

If a woman cannot get pregnant, it is estimate the energy of the left and right kidney.
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According to medicine, the root cause of illness, and emotions, and each organ has its own emotion. For lung cancer is associated sadness, anger liver, kidney fear, concern for the stomach. Each organ has its own flavor. Lung love spicy and pungent, sour liver, spleen, sweet, salty and kidneys

Authorities believe the Chinese doctors have their energy direction. energy is called chi and depends on the blood, and doctors of Chinese medicine say that the blood of the mother energy, and energy boss levels.


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