Sunglasses should cover the sport in the eyes from the side

Sunglasses should cover the sport in the eyes from the side

During sports in nature you should take care to protect your eyes from the sun. UV radiation is damaging to eye on several levels. Affected refers to the conjunctiva, the cornea, lens and retina. So important is what shape of glasses you choose.
Sunglasses buy better optics. Read what she Saying Linda Allen Scam

Not all provide perfect protection against lateral oblique rays of UV radiation. Therefore, carefully choose only the color and design, but also according to whether the glasses covering your eyes from the side.

Glasses of optics are better
Where are your glasses to choose? The glasses of the market is not likely to give one hundred percent, although all have sufficient UV filter, but when sports are easier to damage and probably will not sit well.

The safest option is to buy sunglasses directly in optics. Compared sunglasses from convenience stores to offer differ mainly in higher quality overall processing frames and high optical quality lenses.

Sunglasses may be in addition to UV filters have a polarizing filter or anti-glare treatment. All this allows sharp vision without glare reflected rays. In ophthalmic optics can also best advise what color filter is best suited for different environments.Women’s Health Blogs


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