Sun filter for your eyes

Conversely, dark glasses it may lack. Information on the level of protection and quality filter should be placed directly on the glasses, or the product label.

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“Sun filter category is marked with numbers from zero to four. Its value represents the transmittance of light and determines the conditions for which glasses are suitable. Generally, the higher the category filter, the lens is darker and less light to pass through. During the summer period is most frequently used category number three, “says.

Before buying sunglasses is important to realize that a person will use goggles for sports, driving a car or as a fashion accessory. Glasses should fit well enough to cover the eyes of all parties should be light, not push on the temples or behind the ears and eyelashes should not touch the glass.

“For daily wear tinted glass sufficient to brown or gray or green to. Sharper when the lights are suitable dark glass. Brightening yellow or orange shades are ideal for running, cycling or skiing. Get PDF Version

For drivers are optimal polarizing glass that absorbs glare from the wet road and oncoming cars, “the doctor recommends.


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