Contact lenses absorb chlorine

The doctor Kristina

“With amazement I see every summer, how to run pools parents with sunglasses, but their small children do not have any eye protection. Children’s spectacle even the smallest sizes exist, but you will not find in any optics,” answered one of the questions from Kristina Eye Clinic Neo Vise.

Jena of the questions involved and the price level glasses. It is possible to identify by price, whether glasses are good?Check My Reviews Rusty Moore Scam

“It depends on the manufacturer and the brand of glasses.

Direct correlation Not that glasses for 5000 crowns are better than those that cost thousands. Personally, I have a few quality sunglasses, affordable ranging from 1500 CZK up,” she said
The doctor also warned against swimming with contact lenses.

“Swimming is a one-day lenses, possibly combined with swimming goggles. Contact lenses absorb chlorine and are multi-day, dramatically reducing the time of wearing. Peek into the water with his eyes open can of course nobody tells you to. While bathing in natural waters is a significant risk infection, which may extend to minor eye injuries when applying the lens to the cornea, “explained.
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Not good eye protection underestimated irreversible changes may occur not only on the surface of the eye, but also in its internal structures. UV radiation can contribute to the damage or disease of the cornea, the conjunctiva, retina and its center (called the macula)


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