Children’s eyes are more at risk

Children’s eyes are more at risk

You should be careful especially in children. According to the World Health Organization, 80 percent received a lifetime UV dose achieved before the eighteenth year of life.

Children have a wider pupil and more clear lens that lets in more light to the retina. Children also spend more time outdoors, so they are exposed to sunlight longer period of time.
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It always depends on the environment in which the children are, in what time of day they are out there and how long. Opticians offer a wide selection of quality children’s sunglasses with UV filter, which can be worn longer toddlers.

The important thing is of course that of the child to glasses when glasses refuses and throws, it makes no sense to force them. In such cases, doctors recommend long visor cap, preferably white in color. Baseball caps or hats with wider trim are commonplace even larger children.

Do not forget sunglasses for children, warned on-line doctor

Although many adults cannot imagine that would go out into the fierce sun without glasses, to their children as if they forgot. However, according to Dr. Christine that corresponded readers in an online interview, should protect children’s eyes from a very early age


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