Beware of poor quality sunglasses

Beware of poor quality sunglasses. Damage eyesight more than any

In the summer, wear sunglasses to 97 percent of Czechs. Many, however, prefer price over quality and risking damage to your eyesight. Long-term exposure to direct sunlight can cause cataracts, in extreme cases, damage to the retina, but can also be the cause of skin cancer of the eyelids and conjunctiva.

Glasses prefer to buy in optics and not on the market (illustrative photo)
Solar radiation accelerates skin aging, which leads to the formation of wrinkles and can appear early pigmentation. As elsewhere on the skin can also occur eyelid tumors, for which the UV risk factor.

Each sunglasses sunshine weaken, but not all sunglasses protect the eyes enough. “Dark glasses without UV filters can be harmful to the eyes than no sunglasses’ Dark glasses because there are dilated pupils and the eyes so they are not protected by high-quality UV filter, penetrates more harmful rays that can lead to permanent eye damage,” Paul explained Head of Gemini Eye Clinic.
Best Review

Quality glasses may be dark
When choosing sunglasses is particularly important quality UV filter that is not related to the color of eyeglass lens. High UV filter can also have glasses with bright windows.


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