Discomfort for your eyes

MD. Kristina Ph.D., graduated from the Medical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno. In 2003, she joined the Pediatric Ophthalmology, University Hospital Brno, where she worked until July 2009. Since 2008 worked as a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, MU Brno and devoted herself to teaching medical students and students of optometry.

Specialize in the field of refractive surgery, strabismus, pediatric ophthalmology, and treatment of diseases of the anterior and posterior segment of the eye.

She is the first woman in the Czech Republic, which began to perform laser surgery Nitric using fetor second laser (August 2009). Together with the chief physician of Lucy are the first women in the Czech Republic, who performed the surgery refractive error by exclusively using felt second laser method Neo LASIK 3D (RELEX) in September 2010.
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“Although it does not appear to the eyes is dangerous not only direct sun, but often also a reflection of UV radiation, especially in the summer by water,” says Kristina physician Eye Clinic Neo Vise.

“Dangerous but are also lower doses of sunlight in the morning and the afternoon, when some people are put off sunglasses. Though I do not notice any discomfort, it can be harmful influence of UV radiation occur early after the occurrence of some diseases such as macular degeneration, cataracts, etc., “says the doctor.


Contact lenses absorb chlorine

The doctor Kristina

“With amazement I see every summer, how to run pools parents with sunglasses, but their small children do not have any eye protection. Children’s spectacle even the smallest sizes exist, but you will not find in any optics,” answered one of the questions from Kristina Eye Clinic Neo Vise.

Jena of the questions involved and the price level glasses. It is possible to identify by price, whether glasses are good?Check My Reviews Rusty Moore Scam

“It depends on the manufacturer and the brand of glasses.

Direct correlation Not that glasses for 5000 crowns are better than those that cost thousands. Personally, I have a few quality sunglasses, affordable ranging from 1500 CZK up,” she said
The doctor also warned against swimming with contact lenses.

“Swimming is a one-day lenses, possibly combined with swimming goggles. Contact lenses absorb chlorine and are multi-day, dramatically reducing the time of wearing. Peek into the water with his eyes open can of course nobody tells you to. While bathing in natural waters is a significant risk infection, which may extend to minor eye injuries when applying the lens to the cornea, “explained.
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Not good eye protection underestimated irreversible changes may occur not only on the surface of the eye, but also in its internal structures. UV radiation can contribute to the damage or disease of the cornea, the conjunctiva, retina and its center (called the macula)

Children’s eyes are more at risk

Children’s eyes are more at risk

You should be careful especially in children. According to the World Health Organization, 80 percent received a lifetime UV dose achieved before the eighteenth year of life.

Children have a wider pupil and more clear lens that lets in more light to the retina. Children also spend more time outdoors, so they are exposed to sunlight longer period of time.
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It always depends on the environment in which the children are, in what time of day they are out there and how long. Opticians offer a wide selection of quality children’s sunglasses with UV filter, which can be worn longer toddlers.

The important thing is of course that of the child to glasses when glasses refuses and throws, it makes no sense to force them. In such cases, doctors recommend long visor cap, preferably white in color. Baseball caps or hats with wider trim are commonplace even larger children.

Do not forget sunglasses for children, warned on-line doctor

Although many adults cannot imagine that would go out into the fierce sun without glasses, to their children as if they forgot. However, according to Dr. Christine that corresponded readers in an online interview, should protect children’s eyes from a very early age

Sunglasses should cover the sport in the eyes from the side

Sunglasses should cover the sport in the eyes from the side

During sports in nature you should take care to protect your eyes from the sun. UV radiation is damaging to eye on several levels. Affected refers to the conjunctiva, the cornea, lens and retina. So important is what shape of glasses you choose.
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Not all provide perfect protection against lateral oblique rays of UV radiation. Therefore, carefully choose only the color and design, but also according to whether the glasses covering your eyes from the side.

Glasses of optics are better
Where are your glasses to choose? The glasses of the market is not likely to give one hundred percent, although all have sufficient UV filter, but when sports are easier to damage and probably will not sit well.

The safest option is to buy sunglasses directly in optics. Compared sunglasses from convenience stores to offer differ mainly in higher quality overall processing frames and high optical quality lenses.

Sunglasses may be in addition to UV filters have a polarizing filter or anti-glare treatment. All this allows sharp vision without glare reflected rays. In ophthalmic optics can also best advise what color filter is best suited for different environments.Women’s Health Blogs http://health.producrate.com/yeast-infection-no-more-scam/

Sun filter for your eyes

Conversely, dark glasses it may lack. Information on the level of protection and quality filter should be placed directly on the glasses, or the product label.

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“Sun filter category is marked with numbers from zero to four. Its value represents the transmittance of light and determines the conditions for which glasses are suitable. Generally, the higher the category filter, the lens is darker and less light to pass through. During the summer period is most frequently used category number three, “says.

Before buying sunglasses is important to realize that a person will use goggles for sports, driving a car or as a fashion accessory. Glasses should fit well enough to cover the eyes of all parties should be light, not push on the temples or behind the ears and eyelashes should not touch the glass.

“For daily wear tinted glass sufficient to brown or gray or green to. Sharper when the lights are suitable dark glass. Brightening yellow or orange shades are ideal for running, cycling or skiing. Get PDF Version http://health.producrate.com/grow-taller-4-idiots/

For drivers are optimal polarizing glass that absorbs glare from the wet road and oncoming cars, “the doctor recommends.

Beware of poor quality sunglasses

Beware of poor quality sunglasses. Damage eyesight more than any

In the summer, wear sunglasses to 97 percent of Czechs. Many, however, prefer price over quality and risking damage to your eyesight. Long-term exposure to direct sunlight can cause cataracts, in extreme cases, damage to the retina, but can also be the cause of skin cancer of the eyelids and conjunctiva.

Glasses prefer to buy in optics and not on the market (illustrative photo)
Solar radiation accelerates skin aging, which leads to the formation of wrinkles and can appear early pigmentation. As elsewhere on the skin can also occur eyelid tumors, for which the UV risk factor.

Each sunglasses sunshine weaken, but not all sunglasses protect the eyes enough. “Dark glasses without UV filters can be harmful to the eyes than no sunglasses’ Dark glasses because there are dilated pupils and the eyes so they are not protected by high-quality UV filter, penetrates more harmful rays that can lead to permanent eye damage,” Paul explained Head of Gemini Eye Clinic.
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Quality glasses may be dark
When choosing sunglasses is particularly important quality UV filter that is not related to the color of eyeglass lens. High UV filter can also have glasses with bright windows.

Unprotected eyes can cause inflammation

It is important to let through low beams not only from the front, but from the side. When you choose a glasses especially with regard to quality and eye protection, select specialty stores. It is there to take the glasses made of quality materials, both in lenses and frames also. If you are buying cheaper glasses, should be at the stands, take heed to deform the image.About Women’s Health Www.Health.Producrate.Com

First Aid
Too sunshine unprotected eyes can cause inflammation of the conjunctiva or cornea. Symptoms are known – Hypersensitivity eyes, burning, tearing and redness. As a first aid serves artificial tears eye. You can buy without a prescription from pharmacies, these include Opine, Visuals, Refresh or ARUFIL.

People with sensitive eyes may not do well staying in air-conditioned areas. “If someone in air-conditioned areas long worked and, in addition to looking at the computer monitor is suitable artificial tears drip precaution,” advises James
While watching the monitor is reducing the frequency of blinking eyes and even more “In such cases, the drip i need every hour,” said the doctor.
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What year putting on glasses?
And what a year we have glasses hide his eyes? Most of course are those that resemble retro “Ray-Ban”. Mistake do not do it with the colors of the rainbow, with animal patterns remains a classic black and white.